Wilkin County Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff of Wilkin County is an elected official.

The Sheriff:

  • Keeps and preserves peace in the County, administers programs aimed at protection of life and property.
  • Must be a licensed peace officer in the State of Minnesota.
  • Investigates complaints of criminal activity, investigates traffic accidents, interviews witnesses, victims and suspects, gathers evidence, prepares reports and arrests suspects.
  • Directs service on all civil and criminal processes; warrants, writs, precepts and orders delivered to the Sheriff.
  • Directs all operations for Search and Rescue of citizens in the county.
  • Investigates all deaths occurring in the county. The Sheriff acts as coroner of the county.
  • Transports all mentally ill and inebriated persons to the appropriate facilities.
  • Testifies in court and also serves as Court Bailiff for court proceedings.
  • Prepares, recommends and monitors Sheriff's Department budget.
  • Develops and implements Department Policy and Procedure.
  • Assigns deputies tasks, review performance and promotions. Interviews and selects new employees. Schedules training.
  • Works closely with other law enforcement agencies, probation and parole, prosecutors and social services agencies and the medical examiner's office.
  • Maintains confidential records when appropriate.
  • Maintains a 21 bed Jail for Wilkin County.
  • Contracted with six towns in Wilkin County for police protection