Our Mission
To serve the public by accurately processing and preserving, for posterity and legal purposes, all recorded documents.

Real Estate
The County Recorder is an elected official. The office of the County Recorder was established by the Territorial Legislature, its duties modeled after those of the same office in the Old Northwest Territory. This is a land database office. The records in this County to back to 1859. The County Recorder is custodian of all records of the County pertaining to property titles and transfers. Records include various forms of deeds, real estate and chattel mortgages, liens and attachments, contracts for deed, and numerous other documents brought to her for that purpose.

This office also records military discharge papers. The recording must be completed and returned to the proper person within 30 days of its entry. In Wilkin County this process normally takes 2 business days.


In Minnesota, the Recorder is also the Registrar of Titles under the Torrens System. The Registrar is at all times under the control of the District Court which may adopt such rules governing the conduct of the office as it deems advisable. This title is guaranteed by the county and it’s Board of Commissioners.

The County Recorder in Wilkin County also provides abstracting services for the county. The fees for the abstracting services are set by the Board of County Commissioners. (See fee schedule)