Property Tax Information

Property owners in Minnesota generally pay a property tax based on the property value. Property taxes help fund state and community services. Minnesota offers several relief and special programs for property owners.

General Information

Understanding Property Taxes gives an overview of how property is valued and classified, when property taxes are due, and how property taxes are calculated.


Estimated Market Value is one of the factors used to determine your property taxes.


If you disagree with the value and classification of your property found on the notice of valuation and classification from your assessor, see Appealing Property Value and Classification.


State General Levy Tax is a property tax applied only to certain properties.


Homestead Classification may qualify the property for reduced classification rate, reduced taxable market value, property tax refund, or special program eligibility.


Special Agricultural Homestead gives homestead status to agricultural property when the owner does not live on the farm.  


Market Value Exclusion for Veterans with a Disability reduces the market value of the home for tax purposes, which may reduce your property tax. 


Special Homestead for Property Owners who are Blind or Disabled provides a reduced classification for homesteads that are owned and occupied by someone who is blind or disabled.