There are many ways in which Wilkin County works to serve its residents.

Agricultural Inspector: Weed and grasshopper control, seed and fertilizer samples

: Appraise and classify all real estate and appropriate personal property within Wilkin County for property tax purposes

Legal advisor for the Wilkin County Board of Commissioners, county departments and agencies

Elections, Budgets/Levies, delinquent taxes and forfeited lands


Cares Act Business Relief Grant


County Administration: Serves as the chief administration officer of the county and is responsible for the overall operation of county government providing leadership, direction, and support to all county departments.

Court Administrator
: Wilkin County District Court

Emergency Management
: Provides guidance for emergency operations in Wilkin County

Environmental Office/Zoning
: Building permits, septic/sewer inspection, water well inspection, solid waste and recycling

Family Services
: Child support, child protection, public assistance, social services, foster care, child care, emergency assistance

Highway Engineer
: Construction and maintenance of county highways and bridges, inspection and maintenance of county ditch system

Public Health
: Home care, family and environmental health, emergency services, disease control

: Process and preserve recorded documents, provides abstracting services

: Law enforcement, emergency services, jail


Treasurer: County financials, tax collection, birth/death records, marriage and drivers license

University of MN Extension
: 4-H, Agriculture, Home Economics, Natural Resources

Veterans Service Officer
: Veterans services and transportation


Wilkin County Economic Development Authority: 

Wilkin County Soil & Water Conservation District
: To provide local leadership in the conservation of soil, water, and related natural resources through programs and partnerships with individuals, businesses, organizations, and government.

Wilkin County Fair