Document Standards

The 1996 legislative process passed [Minnesota Statute 597.093] to establish document standards for recording real estate documents in Minnesota. Documents shall:
  • be no larger than 8½ x 14 inches
  • be printed, typewritten or computer generated in black ink with type no smaller than 8 point
  • be on white paper of at least 20 pound weight with no background color or highlighter and a least a ½ inch border on all sides of each page
  • contain a 3 inch blank space at the top of the first page (which is for recording information)
  • Title of document must be displayed on the front page of the document below 3 inch space
  • not contain attachments that cover up any information on any page of the document
  • be legible enough to reproduce a readable copy using the current method of reproduction in the recorders office.