Electronics Recycling Rebate Program

Wilkin County is offering a $10 rebate per electronic device with a maximum rebate per household per year of $50 to recycle your used electronics from your home.

To receive a rebate check, print off a copy of the rebate form, complete the form, and attach the receipt from the place of business where you recycled the electronic device, and either mail or email the completed form and receipt to the Wilkin County Environmental Office.


Manufacturer Recycling/Take Back Programs

There are many Electronic Manufacturers that provide a “free” recycling/take back program for their electronic devices.  Some manufacturers will also accept other manufacturer’s electronic devices for a small fee.

For a complete list of manufacturers go to www.electronicstakeback.com.

Waste Management Transfer Station in Wahpeton will take electronics for recycling for a fee.

Best Buy Stores will accept all brands of electronics for recycling for free. More information