What is the cost of the immunizations?

Wilkin County Public Health requests a contribution of $21.00 for each vaccine that is given which is provided to the agency by the Minnesota Vaccines for Children Program. No one is denied immunizations due to the inability to pay for vaccines supplied by the Minnesota Department of Health.

 What is the Immunization Program?

There are several vaccines that are available to help prevent communicable diseases. Wilkin County Public Health promotes immunizations through partnering with other health care providers to encourage immunizations as well as providing access to immunizations.

 What is the recommended schedule?

The schedule is based on the recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health and Center of Disease Control (CDC) which change from time to time. Click on the following for the most recent recommendations: Immunization Schedule

 What vaccines are available through Wilkin County Public Health?

Wilkin County Public Health provides most of the vaccines that are recommended by the Center for Disease Control, the MN Department of Health, and the American Council for Immunization Practices for infants, children and adolescents through age 18. Please contact us for availability.