Minnesota Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)

Do you have lands that are unproductive and losing you income?  Landowners have an option to protect their environmentally sensitive cropland with the Minnesota Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP).  The Minnesota CREP program is a voluntary state-federal program designed to improve water quality and conservation habitat.  It will protect and restore up to 60,000 acres of marginal cropland across 4 southern and western Minnesota counties, using buffer strips and wetland restoration.


Wilkin County has had a successful CREP signup as over 20 producers have taken advantage of the program.  Minnesota CREP will pay producers up to $5,100/acre to retire marginal cropland.


Why enroll in CREP?  Several reasons include:  fair compensation, rights retained to land, returns on marginal croplands, improvement of water quality and native grass restoration that is 100 percent cost share.


If you have any questions, please contact us.  The signup for CREP will continue until the 60,000 acre goal is reached.