What is the transportation program?

Wilkin County provides transportation services for senior citizens throughout the county either through providing taxi tickets or by arranging volunteer drivers. The volunteer driver program is not always guaranteed. To access both services, you must be ambulatory.

 What is the cost?

In Breckenridge, individuals may purchase taxi tickets at $1.50 per one way for accessing transportation within Breckenridge and Wahpeton city limits. For residents that live outside of Breckenridge, volunteer drivers are available for ambulatory individuals who need transportation for medical and dental appointments and grocery shopping. A donation is encouraged.

 Who is eligible?

Individuals over 60 years old and disabled individuals of any age. If you are on Medical Assistance, all arrangements for transportation for medical appointments must be arranged through your own health plans.

 Volunteer Opportunity

If you are interested in being a volunteer driver, please call Wilkin County Public Health at 218-643-7161.