Regular Homestead

To qualify for a homestead, a property must be both owned and occupied by the owner on January 2nd of the assessment year for a full homestead, or on December 31 of the assessment year for a mid-year homestead.  You must also be a Minnesota resident.  Applications must be received by December 31.
The interest of a purchaser under a contract for deed entered into prior to January 2nd is sufficient to entitle the property to a homestead classification if the purchaser is in actual occupancy of the property on January 2nd.
To obtain a Homestead application contact the Assessor's office:  Phone:  (218) 643-7162, 
stop by the Assessor's Office:
Wilkin County Courthouse, First Floor
300 S 5th St
Breckenridge MN  56520
or See Assessor Forms for Applications.