Adult Foster Care Licensing

Adult Foster Care provides residential care for people age 18 and over who need supportive housing and services due to physical, emotional, developmental or mental health reasons. Providers of Adult Foster Care are responsible for residents' food, lodging, protection, supervision and household services. Providers must be licensed. The county evaluates prospective homes and recommends licenses for those that meet state standards, monitors providers for compliance, and supports quality foster homes for adults. Clients individual needs drive placement decisions.

How To Become Licensed

Thank you for you interest in Adult Foster Care Licensing.

Please start by reading and/or printing our New Applicant letter HERE.

Introductory Letter

1. AFC Application

2. Background Form   *Required for all persons in the household over the age 13 and all substitute care providers, Finger prints are required ($9.10 fee for fingerprinting) 

3. Social and Medical History

4. AFC Program Plan

5. Program Abuse Prevention Plan (PAPP)

6. Drug and Alcohol Policy

7. Grievance Policy

8. AFC Orientation

    8a. AFC Handbook

9. Workers Comp Form

10. Fire and Escape Plan

11. Home Safety Checklist

12. Mobility Assessment Checklist

13. Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adult Reporting

14. Adult Foster Care Resident Rights

15. Physician's Statement


Below are the Rules and Statues that are pertinent to each of the Licensing categories. We suggest that you visit the State of Minnesota Revisor's website using the link below to review and/or print each section applicable to your program license.

Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245A (Human Services Licensing Act)

Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245C (Human Services Background Studies Act)

Minnesota Rule/Statute cite

Rule 13 : Minn. Rules, parts 9543.0010 to 9543.0150 – Family Day Care, Adult Foster Care, and Child Foster Care; Licensing Functions of County and Private Agencies.
Rule 203: Minn. Rules, parts 9555.5105 to 9555.6265 – Administration of Adult Foster Care Services and Licensure of Adult Foster Homes