Minnesota Health Care Programs

MNsure is a marketplace where Minnesotans can shop, compare and choose health insurance coverage that meets their needs.

All MNsure plans include coverage for essential health benefits such as hospitalizations, emergency services, maternity and newborn care, prescription drugs, prevention and wellness visits, mental health and pediatric vision care.

MNsure plans also come with consumer protections.  You cannot be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition, nor can you be charged a higher premium because of your medical history.  There is no annual or lifetime dollar limit on coverage.

These programs are available to people who meet income and asset guidelines.

Processing paper applications is a timely process.  Wilkin County often refers clients to Lakes and Prairies Community Action Inc. Please call the Breckenridge Office at 218-643-2888 to schedule an appointment.

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Paper copies also availability to pick up at Wilkin County Family Services.

Medical Assistance (MA)
, also known as Medicaid, is a health care program that pays for medical care of low income people as well as some individuals with a disability. MA also pays for Long Term Care (LTC) services and home and Community Based Waivers.