Outdoor Warning Sirens

The Outdoor Warning Sirens, also known as the Tornado Sirens are tested at 1pm on the first Wednesday of each month. This test is conducted as a recommendation based on the Federal Emergency Management Agency document CPG 1-17 (1980).

This document details additional information about Outdoor Warning Sirens and recommendations on their proper use and testing.

In Wilkin County, the following communities have Outdoor Warning Sirens:

  • Breckenridge
  • Wolverton
  • Foxhome
  • Campbell

It should be noted that Outdoor Warning Sirens are not intended to alert individuals when indoors.  To ensure you are alerted of weather emergencies while indoors it is recommended that a weather radio or other alert device be purchased.

Wilkin County subscribes to the CodeRED Weather Alert warning system and provides the service to residents free of charge. If registered in the system, a message will automatically be delievered to your phone to alert you when severe weather is approaching.

For more information and to register for CodeRED Weather Alerts click here.